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Live, Grow & Thrive at Home

Home care & family support services for people with mental health, behavioral & developmental diagnoses.

People choose in-home care to get the essential support services they need without leaving the comfort and safety of their own homes. 

Unfortunately, living at home doesn't always mean thriving at home.

Too often, industry-standard care isn't enough to help people maintain a satisfactory quality of life—especially those living with mental health, developmental, or other cognitive diagnoses.

Without emotional support, mental stimulation, and opportunities to do the things they love, these individuals lack the experiences that make life worth living.

They deserve more.

We help people of all ages live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Better Care. Better Life.

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A Special Kind of Home Care

Specialized Skills & Experience

 Our team has the training and experience to handle a wide variety of human services cases, including behavioral and mental health, special needs, health care administration, and case and crisis management.

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Respect for Culture & Personal Identity

 We value the diversity of thought and experience each team member, partner, family and client brings to our organization and we respect all of their traditions, beliefs, and personalities.

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Emphasis on Confidence & Self-Sufficiency

We promote self-sufficiency—not dependency. Our primary duty is to help our clients establish the skills, habits, and connections that allow them to live as independently as possible.

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Support & Resources for Families

We provide the resources, tools and support families need to be their loved one's strongest advocates.

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This company is so caring and flexible, not only for clients but staff as well. I have never worked for anyone who cared about my well-being as much as Cassandra does.


Direct Support Professional

Quality of Life Home Care Services

The negative stigma related to those in need of support services and benefits often gets in the way of quality care, forcing these individuals to exist within the confines of their diagnosis instead of living the life they want. 

We're fighting for their right to be healthy AND happy with a human-centered approach to at-home care that goes beyond the basics.

We see a future where no one is limited by a diagnosis.

It's time to challenge the notion that people cannot live a rich and fulfilling life because of a diagnosis.
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Working With Us is Easy

Make the Call

Contact us by phone or email to discuss the client's needs, learn about our care options, or to schedule an in-home evaluation.

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In-Home Evaluation

We'll arrange a home visit to meet the client and their family and complete the intake process.

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 Care Champion Placement

The client will be assigned an experienced and fully vetted Care Champion that's a good match for them.

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