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Tailored Care Solutions

Thoughtful Care Plans

We work with our clients and their families to create a care plan that matches the individual's unique needs, interests, culture, and life goals. This approach creates a comfortable environment and lifestyle that allows them to thrive.

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Flexible Payment Options

We accept select insurance, private pay, and a variety of home and community-based services waivers including; Elderly Waiver (EW)Brain Injury (BI) WaiverCommunity Alternative Care (CAC) WaiverCommunity Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI) Waiver, and Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver.

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Dependable & Committed Team

Punctual, attentive, and supportive, we empower our clients to live the life they want. Our Care Champions are committed to helping them achieve their goals, build confidence, and celebrate their wins.

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Founded in 2018, Quality of Life Home Care Services is a family-owned and locally operated business licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. We work with children, adults, and seniors with various mental health diagnoses ranging from autism, schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, Alzheimer's, dementia, and borderline personality disorder.

We don't just help our clients live safely and independently at home— we help them thrive through meaningful interactions and experiences. We aim to eliminate fear, self-doubt, and other obstacles, so our clients and their families are free to focus on what matters most: living their best life.

Each of our Care Champions pass an extensive background check and is CPR & First Aid certified, insured, and drug tested, so you know your loved one is in good hands.

Specialized care & support for people with developmental and cognitive limitations.

We help people of all ages and abilities live with dignity and purpose.
  • Family comes first—always

  • We never put anyone's safety in jeopardy

  • Respect is a human right

  • Diversity of thought and experiences makes us stronger

  • We choose to see life through an optimistic lens

Guiding Values

We create a nurturing and motivating environment where our clients and caregivers can enrich their lives and maximize their potential.

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We see potential, not a diagnosis.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for people with the most unique needs.

Cassandra Jackson, M.A., LISW

Founder & CEO, Quality of Life Home Care Services

"This company is built on the core belief that every individual deserves to live a purposeful and fulfilling life—regardless of their circumstances."

Our Story

Access to quality care is personal.

In 2012, my father was living with terminal cancer. Like many, my family chose in-home care to give him the extra support he needed while living comfortably at home. Over the next year, care providers came and went. They all checked the box on basic physical care, but they did nothing to stimulate his mind or improve his emotional well-being. 

That's when I realized this wasn't simply an isolated incident or a lack of resources—superficial care is the industry norm. 

Too many people receiving in-home care feel unfulfilled and decline at an accelerated rate. Their providers lack understanding and fail to look beyond their clinical diagnosis and see the talents, passions, and aspirations that make them human. 

At Quality of Life Home Care Services, we believe everyone can experience joy and fulfillment regardless of a diagnosis. We give each client the services they need and the attention, encouragement, and motivation to feel their best. 

Our Care Champions are the real heroes. Each is carefully vetted, trained, and supported to ensure they make a real difference, whether helping with daily tasks or engaging in meaningful conversation.

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Our Team

Cassandra Jackson

Cassandra is a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) with nearly two decades of experience adovating for the health, safety, and rights of those in her care. In addition to a background in marriage and family therapy and public health administration, she has real-world experience helping teens and parents navigate the system and access the resources they need to overcome difficult circumstances.

Founder & CEO

M.A. Health & Human Service Administration, St. Mary's University

Showayne Brown

Showayne Brown is a social service delegate who has spent his career helping people secure employment, housing, and independence. He lives by the rule "smile more" and shares his contagious smile and sense of humor with everyone he encounters. Showayne loves to travel and experience other cultures, which allows him to discover more about himself and better support others from different cultural backgrounds. 

Marketing Director

B.S. Health Administration & Leadership, Concordia College

Carla Williams

Carla Williams oversees the Care Champion team and client services. She has been behind the scenes and on the front line of social services work for 15 years. She enjoys helping youth and troubled and vulnerable adults overcome obstacles and grow through each season of life. When she's not taking care of others, enjoys spending time with my family, working out, and traveling.

Designated Coordinator

A.S. Criminal Justice, North Hennepin Community College

Elisha Mayes

Elisha is a model care champion and client liaison that knows how to build solid and trusting relationships with the people she serves. Her goal is to be a positive and motivating force for good, inspiring her clients to improve their habits and achieve goals that lead to greater confidence, more joy, and increased quality of life. 

Administrative Assistant

Trained Direct Support Professional

Our team is led by a group of experienced and fiercely passionate professionals committed to expanding opportunities for people living with mental health diagnoses—including the most vulnerable and high-risk members of our communities.

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