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In-Home Care & Support Services

Home care, respite care, and behavioral interventions for people with developmental and cognitive diagnosis.

  • What's the difference between assisted living, nursing home, and in-home care services?

  • Which providers specialize in specific conditions?

  • How are caregivers trained and monitored?

  • How do providers respond to a mental health crisis?

  • How much can I afford? How many hours? 

  • What kind of activities are included?

  • What happens in an emergency situation?

Some important considerations include:
  • Will the provider understand our culture & traditions

We help our clients build the confidence they need to live life on their terms.

We don't just check the box on basic care, we motivate our clients to build good habits, set goals, improve their social skills, and make lifestyle changes that increase their confidence and self-sufficiency.

We also provide support and resources for family caregivers, so everyone feels supported in this journey together.

Beyond Basic Care

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Choosing the right care professional can be a stressful and daunting decision. And learning how to navigate the system and maximize waivered services benefits can add another layer of stress and potentially lead to less-than-ideal care.

Working with a competent team that understands the process and emotions can help you make the right decisions and ensure positive outcomes.

We're here to answer your questions and ensure the best possible care utilizing benefits provided to you by waivered services.  

Our knowledgable team can help you understand your options, maximize your benefits, and get the services you need.

We're Your Advocate, Guide & Partner

We can also coordinate with external agencies to provide professional nursing and Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS).

Care Services

In-Home Care 

We help people of all ages and abilities remain safe, comfortable, and independent in their own homes, including adults living in multi-family housing or foster care settings and people recovering from short-term health events like surgery and injury.

Specialized care mental health, behavioral and cognitive conditions

24/7 emergency assistance & overnight supervision

Focus on self-sufficiency

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Respite Care

Whether you need a few hours or a few weeks, respite care gives family caregivers a break from their daily routines, allowing them to recharge, recenter, and return with a renewed sense of identity and purpose.

Alleviate stress and burnout

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved one is in capable hands

Reduce interpersonal friction

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Positive Supports

Identify the psychological, emotional, and social factors that affect well-being and implement positive behavioral interventions to avoid misbehavior.

Remove obstacles and barriers to optimal wellness

Build and reinforce healthy habits

Learn effective coping strategies

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Housing Stabilization Services

Housing Stabilization Services is a new Medical Assistance benefit designed to help people with disabilities and seniors find and maintain stable housing.

Plan for, find, and move into housing

Increase long-term stability within the community

Avoid homelessness or institutionalization

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Employment Services

Access competitive, full-time, part-time, or self-employment opportunities, education, training, and support services.

Develop skills and focus on achieving employment goals

Explore employment options through work experiences

Find and maintain employment as an individual or part of a group

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Take the Next Step

Contact Us

Contact us by phone or email to discuss the client's needs, learn about our care options, or to schedule an in-home evaluation.

In-Home Evaluation

We'll arrange a home visit to meet the client and their family and complete the intake process.

 Care Champion Placement

The client will be assigned an experienced and fully vetted DSP that's a good match for them.

I love Cassandra and her staff! I always get assigned great DSPs, and Cassandra is always available to talk to me when I call.



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